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The paint on your walls is not the only thing noticed when someone walks into your business or home. Updating the flooring of your property can add a brand new look. Over time, flooring takes a heavy beating, whether it is damage from sliding furniture, the pets scratching up the floors, or the children throwing their toys all over the place. Over the years, carpets get dirty, hardwood gets scratched, and your floor no longer looks the way you remember.

Here at Tri State Enterprises, we use top quality materials to make your flooring look like new. Our professionals pay close attention to detail in order to produce the exact look you are going for in your business or home. Whether you are looking to replace all of your floors or one or two rooms, we are here to help! Call us to take advantage of our free consultation and one of our professionals will sit with you to discuss the best way to make your floors look like new.

Some of our most popular flooring services include:

  • Demo & haul away
  • Plywood lay down
  • LVT flooring
  • Hardwood refinishing
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