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Exterior Painting & Staining

When we paint/stain the outside of your home, we completely understand that the Northeast United States has polarizing weather. That’s why we believe that prep work has more than 90% to do with a long lasting paint job. When we prep a home, we include a detailed power wash top to bottom, scraping and sanding all loose paint, priming with the appropriate primer, caulking large gaps, and covering all items surrounding the home. We also use higher quality products through Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore to extend the life of a paint job.

Exterior Painting | Tri State Enterprises

Interior Painting

Painting the inside of a home takes a lot of time and patience. Most homeowners look to beautify their home with new colors for a variety of reasons. Take no chance when deciding on a color because it is something you will be looking at every single day. Tri State Enterprises offers free design consultations for homeowners, meaning one of our representatives will come to your home to discuss potential colors while also putting up physical samples on the walls for you to see instead of visualizing from a piece of paper!

Interior Painting | Tri State Enterprises


Our carpentry services range from small to large, interior to exterior, and simple to complex. Carpentry is an essential portion of a paint job and we will never leave your home with damaged wood as it can cause major problems to the interior and exterior of your home. We do interior moulding, sheetrock replacement, clapboard/shingle replacement, as well as trim, fascia, soffits, and window sills.

Carpentry | Tri State Enterprises


The exterior siding of homes are prone to the elements and can get very dirty, moldy, and just plain unsightly. From our experience, we witness very many people washing a house from the ground from the bottom up which essentially is just spreading the dirt around. We set up ladders to wash the house from the top down so we don’t have to fight with gravity. This causes all dirt to fall towards the ground as we work our way down. We also use bio friendly cleaners to eliminate any mold/algae on the home, if the power washer doesn’t do the trick then we grab our scrub brushes and use a little elbow grease.

Power Washing | Tri State Enterprises


The floor of your home takes the heaviest beating of any surface inside. Whether it is damage from sliding furniture, the pets scratching up the floors, or the kids throwing their toys all over the place, your floor takes it all. Over the years, carpets get dirty, hardwood gets beat up, and your floor can no longer take the abuse. We install LVT, carpet, and can stain your floors to revitalize the look. We use top quality products from Home Depot and assist in the delivery process.

Power Washing | Tri State Enterprises

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